Our Laser Technology

Very professional and friendly team! Also very accommodating to make the experience as stress free and comfortable as possible! Highly recommended!
— Barber C

The most important factor in choosing a tattoo removal clinic is the laser system they have chosen to use. We have invested the advanced Astanza Duality laser system and the Sinon Q-Switched Ruby Laser System.

The latest addition to the Vermont Laser Services arsenal is the super-powered, FDA cleared, Sinon Q-Switched Ruby Laser System. This system is the safest and most precise laser treatment solution available for pigmented lesions and mult-color tattoo removal. It is especially effective at eradicating blues, greens, and teals.

A high pulse repetiiton rate and easy spot size changes allow for faster treatments and greater penetration depth, while low fluence values ensure minimal side effects while achieving excellent clinical outcomes. In addition to the QSW Ruby laser's long track record of proven efficacy and safety, the Sinon system has been designed with state-of-the-art innovations that maximize the safety of the treatment. 


Our FDA cleared, Q-switched Duality is an industry leader because of its safety, power, and unprecedented efficacy. Astanza has engineered the Duality specifically for a patient-safe tattoo removal experience. The system's Q-switched technology creates quick, highly intense pulses of energy that effectively treat ink but leave adjacent skin unharmed.

The optimally high level of power produced by the system allows for deep and difficult ink to be treated easily.

Many laser systems on the market do not produce the energy required to completely eliminate a tattoo from visibility–but the Duality features best-in-class power production.

Our Astanza laser system combines two essential wavelengths of energy, giving us the capabilities to treat a wide range of tattoo ink colors. By joining two wavelengths into the Duality laser system, we have the option to treat almost the entire color spectrum of ink. This means that we can tailor your tattoo removal treatment to your tattoo needs, raising treatment efficiency.

The combination of safety, power, and versatility of the Duality gives us the ability to make the most of each tattoo removal treatment session.  We have the capability of removing your tattoo in the fewest number of treatments.