The Patient Experience

Our Patients arrive 10 minutes prior to scheduled treatment and receive ice dedicated to their treatment area (s) in one of two private rooms. These rooms are set up to accommodate our patients and their guests who may have come with them.  Once admitted into the treatment room our patients receive cold air from a Zimmer cryo-cooling machine which forwards -30 Celsius air directed towards their treatment area. This is done for two reasons, to allow the skin/tissue to recover in between receiving light energy pulses, as well as it providing a highly effective anesthetic. Topical numbing cream is available also for our patients at no additional cost.

Subsequent to the laser procedure, we bring our patients back into one of the private rooms for a period of icing so as to reduce swelling and fast-forward their recovery time. Icing a treatment area for 10 to 15 minutes both before and after the procedure is an important part of our treatment protocols. All our protocols are designed to promote maximum fading from each session, as well as dramatically reduce any potential side effects and to speed up the patients subsequent recovery time in the days following treatment.

Once a patient has sufficiently iced their treatment area subsequent to their Laser treatment session we then dress the treatment area in Medical Grade Bandages. At no time do our patients need to purchase any medical supply's since we provide all the necessary after care supplies at no additional cost. Patients also receive oral and written instructions each and every time they receive treatment from us.

Our patients receive a follow-up communication from our clinic 24 hours subsequent to their treatment to discover how their treatment area (s) are doing? We keep a close eye on our patients treatment areas as part of our proven treatment protocols. 


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